Healing Life, One Hack At A Time

For me, “healing life” means one thing…peace of mind, whether that comes from feeling love, solving problems, or silencing the cacophony of chaotic warnings and insults my mind can play 24/7. As a recovered attorney, parent and wellness practitioner, I have a background that has necessitated solving “problems” of all shapes and sizes, including the “he said, she said” war cries in relationships, temperamental first graders who decide every piece of clothing they own are too “scratchy” to wear to school, and clients stuck in a self-destructive negative mind set, or despairing at the “meaninglessness of life”.

By defining what I mean by “healing life” I want to make crystal clear that I in no way claim to have life figured out or “healed”. As a fellow journeyman on Life’s path, I offer insights, hints and tips I have found helpful along the way. I despair, panic, hate, hope, love, yearn and bleed the same as you. . But here’s where I am now; if I find a creative solution or insight into the “he said, she said” war cries in relationships, I am going to share it. If I discover a creative way to get that head strong first grader into clothes and into school, I am going to share it. If I discover a new perspective or meditative technique that unlocks that negative mind set or lifts me out of that dark hole of despair I am going to share it.

Why the compulsion to share, from a devout introvert? After 10 years of litigation, 23 years of parenting, and 18 years having a wellness practice, I have discovered I like to problem solve. That is just how my mind works whether it is driven to find the best way to get grass stains out of white baseball pants, coaxing an introverted daughter to participate in ballet class, or navigating a mind that compulsively defaults to fear and negativity.

I have also discovered in my practice, that despite different gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic level, or ethnicity, many of my “problems” are common to everyone. And feedback from my clients tells me these life “hacks” I have shared has helped them experience successes in their lives, be it relationship, parenting, or business problems, or grass stained baseball pants.

I cannot tell you how many times I have typed an arbitrary phrase on Google, like “how to take baseball pictures through a fence” or “what to use for pancakes when you are out of eggs” and found some kind hearted soul has posted tips on that very topic. It warms my heart that some faceless person has not only walked the same path and gotten lost, but backtracked and left bread crumbs so I could find my out way as well.

I feel grateful for those acts of information generosity and wanted to join in. I like the thought that we are all a click away and we are helping each other navigate this thing we call Life.

Welcome to my blog. Let’s begin.

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