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A New Reality: A Rebirthing Experience by Maile Vanderford

In the first Rebirthing Session we take a thorough history and explore the major birth patterns that have been running 95% of your life. Awareness of these patterns immediately transforms your life experience. If you were a car, it's the difference between your car having no driver and randomly running off cliffs and getting stuck in ditches. Living with this new information, allows you to see the cliff and ditch coming and make adjustments to avoid getting stuck for years.

The reason the first session is longer than subsequent sessions, is the detail in which we go over how your life has been affected by these patterns, many of which were previously unknown.  This first session teaches you a new paradigm of thinking that empowers and informs you to live in a whole new way...many clients are astounded when they realize 3 hours have gone by during this first session, but the time goes by very quickly, trust me.

Then after the exploration phase of the session, we put you on the table for the breath phase.The breathing process dissolves and integrates energy patterns that have crystallized over the years and became calcified in the energy body. This can be felt as depression, fatigue, confusion, and stagnation in one's life. Many clients report they physically feel their energy body for the first time during this phase of the session, as the energy is activated and moved.

After the breathing phase, we give you time to integrate, and discuss anything that may have been triggered during the breathing phase. More description of how this process works and what it does is shared below.

Deepak Chopra in his book "Quantum Healing" said the emotional trauma and suppressed negative emotions are often stored as phantom memories in our very cells. He argued that these subtle memories, over time, can cause disease and illness.

Breathwork Sessions remove years of emotional trauma and mental conditioning from birth, childhood, and a lifetime.

Our bodies are like diamonds, that are covered with encrusted black coal (the habitual negative thoughts and emotions we run 24/7).

This is an actual calcification on your energy body, that when dissovled creates a feeling of lightness, joy and greater clarity.

Rebirthing sessions are like coal mining expeditions. We explore what negative programming is mucking up your energy field and then breath out (dissolve) the layers of calcification that has grown over a lifetime on  your energy body.

The difference before and after a rebirth session speaks for itself.

Come discover for yourself how light and joyful a clean energy body feels.

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