How To Access Your Inner Guidance Using This Simple Technique

I was in Whole Foods, with my son, looking at the protein powders, when a woman asked me, “How do you know which one is right for you? There are so many, I just can’t decide!” I could see that the one she had in her hand was low in calories, but contained harmful artificial sweeteners. Rather than go into a long discussion of that, I said, “You can have your body tell you which one it likes best.”

“How?” she asked excitedly. I instructed her to stand with her feet shoulder width apart, and to center herself, and relax. Then I handed her the protein powder with the artificial sweetener in it, and told her to hold it in front of her abdomen and see if her body started to sway forward or backward. (Kinda like a leaning tower starting to fall in one direction or another).

Her body immediately started to fall backwards. I next handed her a protein powder that I heard was very good, with no artificial sweetener, and told her to hold this one in front of her abdomen. She did, and her body immediately started to sway forward. She smiled in delight and asked me what that meant.

I next instructed her to hand me the protein powder, and to stand with her arms to her sides, feet shoulder width apart, and to ask, “Body give me a yes.” As she asked this question, her body started to lean forward. Next I told her to ask, “Body give me a no.” She did, and her body started to sway backward. Next I told her to ask, “Body, give me a I don’t know.” Her body stayed in place not leaning forward or backward.

I waited to see if she would figure it out on her own. Excited, she said, “Oh, my body likes this one and not this one!” “Yes”, I responded smiling. She then asked me, “How does this work?” At this point, I heard my young son groan loudly. Not wanting to push it, as his embarrassment and boredom levels were probably at DEFCON 10, I simply said, “Your body communicates to you all the time. It usually uses pain to get your attention, but when you set up a communication system, like this yes no scenario, you give your body other options to speak to you.” In order to save my son additional embarrassment, I quickly walked away.

This is a method I often teach my clients, as it is so easy to implement, and gets around the mind which can often get in the way. The cool thing about this technique is it measures the energy of options as well. Many times when you are trying to decide whether to take action, if you consider each option and notice if your energy increases or decreases, this is an energetic yes and no. However, most people are so stressed and stuck in their head, that tapping into their inner energy field to notice these subtle energetic shifts is hard to do. This body technique, uses the body to gauge the energy flow of food and/or options, and bypasses that pesky mind.

The more you use this body technique, the more skillful you will become in noticing how your internal energy field feels when giving you an answer. Over time, you will recognize how different energy levels feel within the body. This is an easy way to learn to connect to your “inner guidance” or “intuition.”

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