How Can All Is Well, And My Partner Embezzled All My Money Both Be True?

“Out beyond ideas of wrong doing

and right doing there is a field.

I’ll meet you there.”


There is nothing more irritating than having some spiritual know-it-all, preach “All is Well” when you are in the middle of a very real, very “not well” life circumstance.  I don’t know about you, but it used to make me want to punch that person right in the nose, so they could get from personal experience, that, no everything is not well, everything sucks.

It wasn’t until many years later that I understood how “All is Well” and my life sucks can not only both be true, but both be true at the same time.  Picture a mother washing dishes in the kitchen, when she suddenly hears her toddler screaming, like someone was hurting him. She rushes into the living room, and finds him having a tantrum, because his building block structure has collapsed. Relieved, she knows “All is Well”. Despite his upset, from her perspective, she knows he is learning hand eye coordination, how to handle life’s difficulties, and how to comfort himself out of his upset. Knowing this, she smiles and returns to her dishes.

If that same mother were to discover her husband of eight years, had been having a six year affair and wanted a divorce, she might not be feeling that “All is Well”. And yet, that situation is no different than the toddler scenario. At a higher level of consciousness, there is a knowing that like the toddler, she is learning that this marriage is not the source of her true peace and eternal joy, and like her toddler son, she is learning to handle life’s difficulties, and how to comfort herself from within.

This higher level of consciousness of which I speak, is fancy talk, for having a faster, higher energy field. When our energy field vibrates faster, the world looks different, much like the earth’s surface looks different from the ground, and from a plane. At the ground level, the earthquake is a problem…not so much from the plane perspective.

What this means is that everything that happens in our lives has the potential of raising our consciousness level (causing our energy field to vibrate faster). It’s like that child game, when someone is challenged to find something, and your friends call out, “You’re getting warmer or colder” In this life, we have been challenged to find our REAL SELF.  Put simply, we have been put into a finite body, and then challenged to find our infinite self.  When we have realizations of who we really are (infinite self) we are getting warmer in this earth game, and our energy field starts spinning faster, and our consciousness expands. This is the real goal in life, the real progress that we take with us when we leave this earthly plane.

So when we are faced with a life circumstance, like getting old and losing our youthful beauty, and we realize that who we really are is not our external looks, our energy field raises and our consciousness expands. When we lose that promotion or get fired two months before our pension accrues, and we realize that job is not the true measure of our worth, that nothing in the external world can represent the eternal energy field within, again our consciousness level expands more.

We don’t have a problem replacing clothes that wear out, or cars that break down, because we know we are not those clothes or those cars. We know things wear out, they don’t last forever, it is expected.  We are less philosophical and grounded when it comes to our bodies and our life circumstances, but it is no different. You are not your body or your life circumstance because nothing in this world can be you, because everything in this world is finite, changes, ends. That is why nothing and I mean nothing in this world can represent you REAL SELF.

This is why no matter how much money, fame, or things you acquire nothing will fill that void within…because that void is an infinite hole and EVERYTHING in this world is finite. When you fill that infinite hole with infinity (YOU), then and only then will you finally feel “good enough”.  

Nothing here is permanent. When all is said and done, you will go home with your “souvenirs” (realizations–expansions of consciousness) from this earth visit. If you truly get this, and I mean truly get this, then you know, that “ALL IS WELL”, despite current circumstances that have the very real appearance of sucking. 

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