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I had bleeding gums for a couple of months, feeling an ever increasing anxiety when the condition did not spontaneously resolve itself as I was hoping. I came across an article that explained the bleeding was probably a gum infection, and that the bleeding was caused in part by the bacteria irritating the gum tissue. That was when I came across this simple remedy that claimed to kill bacteria on contact, much like popping a bubble. The forum contained several testimonials of people treating their bleeding gums with the remedy and having the condition resolve after one treatment.

When I saw a raised white lump on my gum in addition to the bleeding, I decided I had nothing to lose. If anything, I could chalk it up to a learning experience and be done with it. But after only one treatment, not only, did the bleeding gums stop, but the white gum growth disappeared by the next morning.

Let me be right up front in telling you, I don’t sell this remedy. I don’t manufacture it and I get nothing from sharing this information with you, other than turning others onto a remedy that I think everyone should have in their bathroom cabinet, if only to have another alternative to antibiotics, for those conditions that don’t merit going so strong….like killing gnats with a hammer.

I have used this remedy for everything from colds and flu to bladder infections, and a strange eye ailment that I never could figure out. My kids use it now, when they feel a cold coming on, and just yesterday a friend of mine used it to address a clogged ear condition she needed resolved before flying (she is a flight attendant).

This Thursday June 8th 2017 at 7pm PST, I am going to offer a free online class, explaining how this remedy works, how to use it, and where to get it. The class will be streamed live on a closed Facebook page.

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I am also giving away a free 17 page quick reference guide (summary of the class information).

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This class is for education and information purposes only. I am not a doctor (nor do I play one on tv). For any medical condition please consult your regular medical doctor. This is also just an introductory presentation. I will share links to instructors who teach the remedy’s many uses and applications. (Again, I get no credit or benefit from you taking a course from them).

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